Letter to Sandi Ciarochi President of the Sister Cities Commission

Hi Sandi, See my specific comments to your email to Mayor Green and City Manager Hugman in between ***>my comment<***. Following is my general response to you.

Sandi, Do you consider yourself as part of a sane group of people by writing your email below sent to Duncanville Mayor David Green and City Manager Kevin Hugman revealing your behavior to undermine an honest, sincere, respectful dialogue by using lies to deceive the world, gain power for your personal agenda, and blocking freedom of speech and transparency to impose your rules?

Despite the fact that I invited you for ten years to join my Sister Cities Commission meetings attended by former Duncanville Mayor Glenn Repp and many citizens of Duncanville, and inviting you on the trips to Monasterolo di Savigliano, you never came, but instead said many slandering lies about me.


In 2006, you falsely accused me of not allowing citizens of Duncanville to sign up for the visit to Monasterolo with Texas State Senator Jane Nelson, Glenn Repp’s nephew, and many others. The email and statements from Mayor Green and former Mayor Repp prove your false statements, your undermining of the Sister City, and how you slandered me (see the original documents proving your false statements and slandering actions at Appendix B goo.gl/4bLrtB). You never took the responsibility to acknowledge the reality and truth by holding a meeting to stop the slander and the undermining of the Sister City program which is based on the mutual respect and dialogue between people of the same and different countries to promote a better understanding (as also stated by Sister Cities International created in 1956 by President Eisenhower).

There was no problem for your husband, your son and your friends to be present at a meeting with you on this issue. They agreed to the meeting with you and made themselves available. However, you never agreed to a meeting to take responsibility, to face reality and the truth.

Instead, you continued to undermine the Sister City Mission/Statute by going to Monasterolo to partner with the Mayor of Monasterolo di Savigliano, Mr. Marco Cavaglià, in making private, secret agreements, hidden from the citizens.  The Mayor of Monasterolo also deceived his Council members and citizens by having them believe he came to Duncanville in March 2016 on a private visit to you, while instead records prove that he was on an official visit with several events paid for by Duncanville’s taxpayers. In April 2017, the council member Luciano Alesso from Monasterolo also came with his wife and two friends and had their hotel, dinner and entertainment paid for by the Duncanville’s taxpayers instead of being hosted by families and dinners and entertainment offered by the hosting families or paid for by themselves as was the practice for the over 100 visitors from Texas to Italy and the over 100 visitors from Italy to Texas when I made the arrangements (see Appendix H: goo.gl/sYrygR). Your slanders and lies continue to date as they appear in some of the copies of the 600 emails from 2016 to 2017 that I received officially from Duncanville on December 12, 2017, which includes your email to Mayor Green and City Manager Hugman, reported below dated August 3, 2017.

Perhaps, by carefully analyzing the events, it may show clearly a design to use the name and money of public institutions for promoting a private agenda of inviting your friends to Italy where they will be treated as kings and queens by Italian officials using taxpayer and donations money making them believe you represent the United States’ values, democracy, civilization and institution. You want everyone to believe you are implementing the Sister City Mission/Statute to promote peace through mutual respect and dialogue to improve understanding, whereas you are doing just the opposite by disrespecting the neighbor by hiding information, deceiving the public, and suppressing the dialogue by limiting the speech from citizens to two minutes without considering their input/comment/request, inviting only friends to be part of the Sister City Commission who will follow your order to avoid facing your anger as Marian Duhon stated, excluding people like me who do not support your personal agenda and defend instead the Mission/Statute of the Sister City, the rules and laws that a public institution need to comply with.

Perhaps the only purpose of holding your position is so you can offer your friend a special trip to Italy and then ask them as compensation for these favors to promote some other agenda of yours.

To achieve this goal, because of your influence on Mayor Green (shown by your email below), you managed to have the Duncanville Mayor and the City Council to name you President of Duncanville’s Sister Commission although you are not a Duncanville resident; and surprisingly:

  1. the number of members were limited to seven (the guidelines of Eisenhower’s Sister Cities International does not set a limit but states that there should be from six to hundreds, all those interested to contribute to the mission).
  1. one of the members is your husband who also does not live in Duncanville, and others are your friends to make sure you have the vote majority.
  1. on December 16, 2016, the Duncanville City Manager promised I would be informed when the application to become a member of the Sister City Commission would be open. Instead, members were named on May 2017 and I was not informed.
  1. after one month, member Glenn Repp resigned creating a vacant position in the commission.
  1. I was the only applicant before the deadline of July 18, 2017 at 5:00 pm set by Duncanville’s City Council; however, instead of appointing me as I was the only applicant, the Council said they would ask Ms. Marian Duhon to apply and voted to postpone the deadline to the next council meeting on August 1, 2017. Ms. Duhon was asked to fill out the application form, and on July 25, 2017, the City Council while in session, called Ms. Marion Duhon to the meeting at City Hall for an interview at 9 p.m. lasting over 20 minutes, while never calling me for an interview. I have known Ms. Marian Duhon for 25 years, I invited her to participate to the first trip to Italy in 1998. We were able to talk until September 12, 2017 when she agreed on the phone to meet the next day, but 5 minutes later i received a phone call back that she was cancelling our meeting next day. Just before entering the room at the Sister City Commission meeting on September 14, 2017, i asked Ms. Duhon why she cancelled our meeting 5 minutes after she agreed and her answer was that she did not want to face your anger. Is this the way you obtain support from the people in your group with some kind of repercussion if they disagree with you or do not do what you want?
  1. On August 1, the City Council appointed Ms. Marion Duhon as Commissioner of the Sister City Commission.
  1. You continued to undermine the Mission/Statute of the Sister City of mutual respect and dialogue by preventing dialogue, limiting the input from people interested in the Sister City to two minutes, and without offering any response to their questions or to address their input.
  1. The public and myself are deceived by the misrepresentation in Duncanville’s webpage of the agenda for 10/10/2017 where it stated the agenda was posted on September 29th, 2017, whereas instead it was posted after I call Ms. Cody Bainter, the Public Information Officer at City Hall, on October 11th, 2017 at 12:20 pm. She stated that I was “absolutely right” that the agenda for the October 10th meeting was not on the webpage, therefore the public was misled that the meeting was the second Thursday and I could not attend on October 10, 2017 because I was not informed.
  1. To date, no announcements of the flyer for the Trip to Monasterolo have appeared on Duncanville’s Sister City webpage (see Appendix M: gl/qRsDRd). No itinerary is displayed, no invitation to apply for the trip, no deadline for the application is written in the Sister City webpage. It looks like a flyer (see Appendix L: goo.gl/Tfja16) with general information was made and given only to friends and was not an open invitation to the citizens of Duncanville. I was instead publicly inviting participants at schools and through articles in newspapers (See Appendix I: goo.gl/o9CnaM).
  1. On February 1, 2018, under the Open Records Act, I requested the City of Duncanville to provide all letters, emails or any written documents from November 28, 2017 to February 2nd 2018, including the names of the people going on the trip to Monasterolo di Savigliano from April 19 to 28, 2018, how and where the trip was advertised to the public, where and when the flyer was posted, how many people applied, how many were turned down, and the criteria to accept and reject the applicants. I was told after 3 days that they would enquire if they could release the names of the participants, however, it was 15 days before the City of Duncanville wrote a letter to the Texas Attorney General asking if they could release the names.
  1. On February 15, 2018, I received a letter from the attorney of the City of Duncanville, Mr. Robert Hager (see Appendix D: gl/hgx2QL) denying all my requests except for the flyer with the announcement of the trip and my emails to the City of Duncanville. None of the emails to/from Monasterolo preparing the event, the itinerary, etc. were provided as the City provided previously the 600 emails for the period December 1st, 2015 to November 28th, 2017.
  1. Preventing my nomination to become a member of the Sister City Commission on July 18, 2017, posting the agenda of the 10/10/2017 meeting of the Sister City Commission meeting the day after the meeting, not providing the information requested on February 1, 2018, canceling the regular meeting on February 13, 2018 (perhaps because I returned from Italy and could attend), making me believe they would enquire if they could release the names of the participants on the 3rd of February, but instead the request to the Attorney General was sent only on February 15, is using the bureaucratic system to circumvent rules and laws. Although Article 522.101 (See Appendix E: gl/4H5LDy) clearly does not place restrictions on releasing the names of people participating at public events, the City of Duncanville is delaying the release of names to nullify my request until the participants are in Italy and it will be made public in newspaper articles as it was for the previous trips even weeks before their arrival at destination (See the list of Hosts, Guests and activities for the trip of the Italian to Texas on 1999 at Appendix F: goo.gl/yPFStc for 2003 at Appendix G: goo.gl/FKsGTE and for the Texans to Italy in 2004 at Appendix Q: goo.gl/C9xbvy). Their overall objective it seems is to make it appear as if an official Sister City relationship is taking place between institutions which is a misrepresentation, as it has become a private club where the Commission invite their friends to Italy to take the benefits from the events organized by the City of Monasterolo who are also misrepresenting and misusing the name of the City of Monasterolo.

Using the names, privileges and advantages of public institutions to benefit the private club of Ms. Ciarochi and Mr. Cavaglià who do not comply with the rules and laws of a public institution needs to end. There are five accounts against Mr. Marco Cavaglià in Italy under investigation by the Tribunal of Cuneo for apparently violating Italian laws on this very issue.


Sandi, Do you believe policemen, lawyers, judges, writers, teachers and anyone who ask questions as I do to unveil lies, and unethical, dishonest behavior, and make the truth, justice and honesty emerge is mentally sick and you believe to be the person sane in writing the following email to the Duncanville’s Mayor? Does this include also religious persons who believe that God is the truth and the life?

During ten years that I lead the meetings of the Sister City Commission to organize the hosting and activities for over 100 visitors to/from Italy, I never excluded anyone from a trip to/from Italy, I never excluded anyone from the Sister City Commission. I always addressed all issues through the dialogue, providing the most reasonable reasons complying with the Mission/Statute of the Sister City, making them available for public scrutiny and I welcomed everyone who could contribute to the Mission/Statute of the Sister Cities to participate to the Sister City Commission, including you, but you never participated.

Out of a sincere, genuine desire to promote cultural exchange between people of different countries through the dialogue which has its roots in the AFS (American Field Service) scholarship that I was awarded, allowing me to spend one year in a U.S. family when I was 17 years of age, I created this activity to promote peace and understanding between the people who live in Texas and those of my native town, Monasterolo di Savigliano, in Italy. I started by carrying back and forth from/to Italy, letters of elementary school children. In 1995, after inviting and hosting several Texans in my apartment and my mother’s apartment in Italy, I expressed my desire to establish a relationship with a town in the U.S. to my friends Ms. Nancy Evans and Mr. Cecil Wood, who in turn established the contacts with Duncanville’s Mayor, Ed Purcell, who agreed. In 1997, the first Italian delegation was officially received at Duncanville City Hall.

Several proclamations from the State of Texas (see Appendix K: goo.gl/nBcWym), from the City of Duncanville, from the City of Monasterolo di Savigliano, articles in Texans newspapers and in Italian newspapers and magazines, documents and video prove that I created for ten years a Sister City relationship reflecting and complying with the Mission/Statute of mutual respect and the dialogue which is the basis for the understanding, similar to Sister Cities International founded by President Eisenhower in 1956 and l adopted by thousands of cities worldwide. (See one document at goo.gl/So1KdQ summarizing these activities and a video https://youtu.be/wJwJg1_O6tM . See more details at the website www.duncanvillemonasterolo.com).

I was the only person who knew families on both sides of the ocean. I translated thousands of pages of emails, documents and speeches. For ten years I matched the hospitality of over 100 visitors from Texas with my family, relatives and families of my friends in Italy, and I matched over 100 visitors from Italy with families in Texas, without asking a penny from the City of Duncanville. The focus was on implementing mutual respect, creating a competition in kindness, anticipating the needs and desires of the guests and the hosts, without excluding anyone who would like to contribute to the Sister City, and working out the differences with the dialogue.

See my comments below in between ***>my comment<***.

From:               Ciarochi

To:                    David Green (Mayor); Kevin Hugman

Subject:            Fri meet with Dario

Date:                Thursday, August 3, 2017 5:18:14 AM


David you need to keep your composure. ***> What title and arguments do you have to tell Duncanville’s Mayor to keep his composure? Are you referring to the event where Mayor Green did not keep his composure as in 2012 when he asked the police to arrest during a City Council meeting a council member when he would not stop talking immediately after ordered to do so?<***

You need to set a timer and tell him you squeezed him in but you have a pressing city matter that has to be addressed before the weekend.

***> The Mayor set 30 minutes for our meeting. Why did you ask Mayor Green to lie or find excuses when not necessary? Is this part of your way of life, lying even when unnecessary? Do you consider this to be the behavior of a sane person or a mentally sick person?


You need to have your secretary buzz you after he was  there for 10 minutes and then to interrupt you physically in 15 min and you need to stand up and tell Dario that you were glad to see him and wish him well with his projects. And ask your secretary to walk him out.

***> Is this the respectful behavior you teach young people here and abroad describing how a public office works in the U.S. where the Mayor is instructing City employees to circumvent the rights of citizens to be treated fairly, respectfully, addressing with sincerity and honesty a problem with the intention to resolve it? It seems you are instructing Mayor Green to be deceitful, using compliments to back off from his commitment of a 30-minute meeting and you give the picture abroad that City employees in the U.S. will partner with their Mayor to act deceitfully to turn an official meeting into a farce, a show, to deny their first amendment right. Practically showing how corruption works in a U.S. public office where not only one but many employees are partners to a deceitful action. Are you the best person to represent U.S. values abroad?<***


You need to tell him that his eloquent presentation on July 18th was his interview. That the Council felt that the history he presented to them was adequate enough for them to make a decision And that they considered that his interview.  They gave him more time and consideration than anyone else.

***> On July 18, 2017, in a briefing room, before the City Council meeting, Councilwomen Johnette Jameson asked me: “Why did you choose to live in DeSoto?” I answered in 34 seconds, explaining that I came here in 1991 to work at the Superconducting Super Collider project and I bought a house not far from my work-office. If my presentation was adequate enough for them to make a decision, what was the reason for them to reject my application? This was not an adequate interview. I asked repeatedly to be officially interviewed like Marion Duhon was for more than 20 minutes, but I did not receive an equal, fair treatment and opportunity.<***


Every time he brings up his achievements, you wish him well.  But raise your hand as in a stop sign and tell him you are aware of them

***> Is this a respectful behavior to teach the Mayor to disregard a priori anything I would say? granting a farcical meeting, a show to fulfill a bureaucratic need but with a preconceived idea. Note the detail of telling the Mayor to raise his hand… <***


Tell him thank you for his past service  And wish him well.  And stand up!

***> If my past service is valuable for what reason are you undermining a valuable service? Again, why are you provoking the Mayor to not keep his word of a 30-minute meeting and tell him just to make a farce, a show, with no intention to address the issue?<***


He will bring a stack of papers and ask him to leave them, if he wishes.  You do not say what you are going to do with them

***> This again clearly reveals your belief of how a public office should work, just giving “lip service”. Accept everything, give the impression you are considering the material and the request, but with a preconceived idea and intention of trashing it soon without reading it.<***


Tell him thanks for his past service and wish him well.  And stand up!

***> This is ridiculous to repeating to the Mayor a second time, like to a child, what he needs to do. Are you the best person as President of the Sister City Commission to represent the U.S. abroad?<***


Keep repeating the above. Even if it seems silly to you. Remember he is recording this and wants you to be reactive

***> Without refrain and respect for a Mayor, after having treated him as a child, asking him to do silly things, you explicitly tell him that what he is doing may seem silly. In fact, I asked for an official meeting and expressed my intentions in the past that the Sister Cities Commission meetings should take place in the Duncanville City briefing room equipped for broadcasting and recording just as the City Council meetings are broadcasted live. After all, a Sister City Program for the citizens representing the City of Duncanville abroad is very appropriate for informing the citizens about all meetings because it is representing them abroad and shows the culture and should be open to everyone.<***


I suggest you write out a script and stay with the script and repeat the script over and over.  If needed, Kevin can interrupt and keep you on track but stay with the script.

***>Again, it is despicable that the President of the Sister Cities Commission exposes to the world her vision of democracy, and crushes and suppresses the fairness, respect, sincerity of the participants in a meeting a priori, having the deliberate intention to boycott a fair constructive dialogue with the goal to get to an understanding. Public debates in television, at City Hall, at Universities, contenders for a public office…, attempt to give the opposite image of United States to the world where problems are addressed in a civilized manner, giving importance and consideration to find the most reasonable, fair solution respectful to everyone. The fact that you invite City Manager, Kevin Hugman, to suppress the democratic, civil, respectful procedure reveals your vision that not only the Mayor should act with corruption, but the entire system should support corruption. Sandi, are you the best person to represent the values of the United States abroad as the President of the Sister Cities Commission?<***


Do the script first and then as he talks, repeat the script

***>Over and over again you make it clear how the respectful, civil dialogue which is the essence of the Sister City Mission/Statute should be suppressed by not letting me speak, not listening to any word, by telling Mayor Green to talk over my speech, to stand up and walk away…<***


Dario will try to wear you down. Be smarter.

***>One more time you are unable to refrain from telling the Mayor that I might be smarter than him<***


Remember that he is dangerous and will try to twist your words. ***>This is just pure slander. Provide me examples where I twisted the words of someone.  On the contrary, I pay great attention to be precise; I am honest and responsible so that in the event someone is pointing out an inaccuracy that I said, I am ready to meet the person, address the issue, take responsibility, and if necessary correct the inaccuracy. You, instead, have said slandering, false accusations since 2006, and refuse to address them and take responsibility in a meeting with your husband, your son, your friend or anyone.<***


You may want to record the session.

***>This is hypocrisy, giving more spectacle of yourself in your email, not wanting me to record the meeting, but suggesting Mayor Green to record our meeting<***


He can alter a tape   He could put it on utube. Remember he is a mentally sick person and vindictive.

***>Do you believe that policemen, lawyers, judges, writers, teachers and anyone who asks questions, as I do, to unveil lies, and reveal unethical, dishonest behavior, and make truth, justice and honesty emerge is mentally sick? And do you believe it is sane to write this email to Duncanville’s Mayor?  Regarding the accusation that I am “vindictive”, I can prove I was not vindictive with you, because in 2006, after proving your accusations as lies – (that I had not welcomed citizens of Duncanville to take part in the trip to Monasterolo and that I had prevented anyone from joining, see Appendix B: goo.gl/4bLrtB), I let it go because i assumed you would give up undermining the Sister City Mission/Statute, but instead you worked in secret with Mr. Marco Cavaglià for ten years with the same old methods and lies and now you want to turn your private club into a public institution making a spectacle of yourself with your lies. Your email and behavior during these past years also reveal the reason why you do not accept a meeting in the presence of your husband, your son, or your friends to address the statements and false accusations in your emails in 2006 (Appendix B: goo.gl/4bLrtB). Apparently you were aware of your lies and you used them deliberately to implement your strategy to dishonestly twist, disrupt and crush the Sister City Mission/Statute based on the mutual respect and dialogue to turn it instead into a tool of power.<***


You might want to have a officer out in the waiting room by chance.

***>This reveals the true intention of your vision of the Sister City – to Mission/Statute that instead of promoting peace through mutual respect and the dialogue, you want to suppress all this by all means, even with force by calling on the police.  In fact, I was the one who stood up the first after 30 minutes, thanked Mayor Green and City Manager Hugman for their time to answer my questions and was the first to exit the office. However, you might be pleased with the Mayor following your instructions because the show of the secretary who buzzed at the door 5 minutes before the 30 minutes was up, it occurred, although it was not necessary.<***


Remember Dario is out for Dario..not for the benefit of the sister city program..

***>I have ten years of testimonials that I am for the Sister City Mission/Statute to promote peace through mutual respect and the dialogue which is the basis for the understanding between people of the same and different countries. (See one document at goo.gl/So1KdQ summarizing these activities and a video https://youtu.be/wJwJg1_O6tM . See more details at the website www.duncanvillemonasterolo.com).


Sandi, you have a long history of facts and behavior which show you do not live up to the Mission/Statute of the Sister Cities, and this email from you dated August 3, 2017, reveals who you really are and you should realize you are not fit to bring your behavior as an example to young people from Duncanville and from Monasterolo di Savigliano. Young people should not learn these behaviors from you and these are not the values representing United States that should be exported abroad.

Dario Crosetto<***

Sorry for the epistle, Sandi

Sent from my iPad




APPENDIX B:  2006_03_27 Ms. Sandi Ciarochi untrue statements  goo.gl/4bLrtB

APPENDIX C: 2018_02_23 Letter from Dario Crosetto to Duncanville attorney goo.gl/2sSLxa

APPENDIX D:  2018_02_15 Letter from Duncanville’s Attorney to Dario Crosetto goo.gl/hgx2QL

APPENDIX E:  Code_552-101 Information to be considered confidential goo.gl/4H5LDy

APPENDIX F:  1999_09_30 List of Hosts, Guests and Activities of the Sister City program, published on Today newspaper goo.gl/yPFStc

APPENDIX G:  2003_09 List of Hosts, Guests and Activities of the Sister City program, published on Focus Daily News goo.gl/FKsGTE

APPENDIX H:  2006 Summary of ten years of the sister city cultural exchange by Dario Crosetto goo.gl/sYrygR

APPENDIX I:  2000_04_20 Crosetto Organizer of Duncanville Sister City Committee publicly invites Texans to the trip to Italy through presentations at schools and articles on newspapers goo.gl/o9CnaM

APPENDIX K:  1997_03_05 Texas Senate Resolution about the Sister Cities goo.gl/nBcWym

APPENDIX L:  2018 Flyer of the Trip to Italy goo.gl/Tfja16

APPENDIX M:  2018 Snapshot of the Duncanville’s webpage showing there are no information about the flyer, time for application to the trip, itinerary goo.gl/qRsDRd

APPENDIX Q:  2004_08_19 List of Hosts and Guests of the Sister City program, published on Focus Daily News of the Texans to Italy. The link is showing only the first page, on page 2, 3 and 4 are reported the impressions of some of the Texans who went to the trip: Ms. Ann Green, Senator Jane Nelson, Mr. Chuck and Ms. Judy Williams, Ms. Harriet Little, Mr. Mike Rex, Ms. Ann Montgomery, Mr. Robin Quinn, Mr. Jim and Ms. Alice Tow, Mr. Glenn Repp, Ms. Laurie Jones, Ms. Kristi Robinson, Mr. Richard and Ms. Judith Wood goo.gl/C9xbvy

Appendix T: 2018_02_28 Letter from Crosetto to the Texas Attorney General goo.gl/suatwk

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